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Edit Sweet provides first-class copywriting services:

Our focused creative approach provides compelling copy which reflects your individuality, defines your offer and generates target enthusiasm to act.

Every communication is an opportunity to position your product, service and your image to achieve powerful results.

So, we deliver always with that in mind - because you rely on us to make you irresistible.

And this...

Copywriting (with creativity)

We will fulfill your brief with presentational and imaginative talent.

With our skill your basic instruction, message or content, will be transformed into a creative body of text. We expand it to strengthen the impact and initiate a desire. It is essential to get the content and structure right before shocking the body of text to make it reach out and grab your audience.

Copy-editing / Copy-proofing

We will ensure you broadcast a "clean" text.

It is imperative that your text looks and sounds right for your audience. We will correct the written text/manuscript to eliminate errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar, and any other inconsistencies. Copy-editing does not involve raising issues to do with the content or the message, but we might not be able to contain ourselves!

This is us...

Edit Sweet is a fusion of skills injected by writers who care about the power of the written word and recognise that different audiences appreciate and respond to diverse communication styles.

Ali Green and Dean Colwell

Ali Green and Dean Colwell, a sister and brother team, are the founding members of Edit Sweet.

"We are passionate about our writing and have fun with content - to make it easily understood, strong in message, entertaining and memorable.

Our backgrounds combine within the Entertainment & Media, Hospitality & Travel, Charitable, and Corporate sectors inspiring us to write from the audience's perspective: what they need to know; how they benefit; and how best to get it."

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